What is Swedish Massage Therapy?

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Swedish massage therapy is a method that combines the best of physical therapy and classic massage, using a light but vigorous touch to relax the body and mind while relieving tension from the muscles, and it can be a great experience for new and experienced clients. 

If you’d like to relax and let go of your stress after a long day, schedule a Swedish massage session with a licensed massage therapist at Hands On Approach!

How Swedish Massage Therapy Works

Swedish massage therapy is a kind of ‘traditional’ massage that targets tension in the muscles to relax the entire body. The therapist will first ask you about any physical injuries you’re recovering from so they can pay special attention to those areas and avoid doing further damage. 

Before the massage begins, your therapist will apply a soothing oil to your skin. Some therapists will let you choose the scent of this oil to make the experience as pleasant as possible, but the real purpose of this is to allow their hands to glide across your skin without friction. Your massage therapist will then use a light touch to relax your mind and body, followed by a vigorous massage of any muscles you’re holding tension in. By the end of a good Swedish massage, clients usually feel full-body relaxation accompanied by a spiritual release.

Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

The biggest benefit you can receive from Swedish massage therapy is relaxation. When all the tension is relieved from your body, your mind will also feel light and relieved. This makes Swedish massage the perfect treat after a long week at work, especially for office workers who spend most of their time sitting at a desk.

For anyone leading a demanding life, Swedish massage is a great opportunity to let go of your worries and release all the stress you’re carrying.

After a long, effective Swedish massage, your joints and muscles are likely to move easier and feel much better. Swedish massage can give clients greater flexibility and relieve aching joints.

Is Swedish Massage Therapy Right for You?

Swedish massage therapy is a long-used method that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual relaxation. We recommend Swedish massage for anyone with a sedentary or moderately active lifestyle, as well as people with demanding lives who need a chance to decompress and let go of their daily worries. If you suffer from joint pain, this method might be beneficial as part of a treatment plan with the approval of your doctor. 

As always, you should only hire a licensed massage therapist to perform your Swedish massage so you can get the best experience with the greatest results.

Relaxing Massage Therapy at Hands On Approach

If you’re interested in trying Swedish massage therapy or adding a massage to your weekly routine, hire a licensed or trained massage therapist at Hands On Approach. We strive to give our clients a personalized experience that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, so call or visit our website to schedule your appointment today!