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Excellence in Massage Education For Over 25 years in Texas $2990 with Books and Supplies

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February 29, 2024 Night Classes Monday-Thursday or Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-10:30pm

 May 2024 Monday & Wednesday Day Class 9am-6pm

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Choose the only school OFFERING all in person classes, because massage should be the focus of YOUR TRAINING NOT A SCREEN! 

Learn Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger Point, Pregnancy, Chair Massage and how to help clients with chronic and debilitative conditions. 

Spa treatments include: body wraps, salt glows, facials, and foot retreats.

All for $2990.00 including books and supplies

Training therapists the right way since 1998. 


We have always made cleanliness and hygiene standards a priority and we have  implemented additional measures to ensure a safe and healthy experience for our clients, staff and students.


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Improve Your Wellness at Our Massage Clinics and Spas

Hands-On Approach provides a full range of massage and day spa services to fit any budget! Our North Dallas and Corpus Christi locations feature private massage treatment rooms and a tranquil atmosphere that may help promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve wellness.

Why Choose Hands On Approach?

Hands On Approach has been providing massage therapy to the public since 1998. As the first and most experienced massage clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have provide massage treatments, both by students and Licensed Massage Therapists, with one philosophy: “The customer is to receive the massage they want”.

Each client’s pressure tolerance and area of focus is as unique as the client themselves. A great massage experience starts with establishing goals for the massage session and communicating your preferences to the therapist during the massage. Our therapists are discreet, professional, and have the technique and experience to make absolutely sure you have a pleasant massage session every time.

Our Massage Services

There are many different types of clients, and no single massage is right for everyone. A skilled massage therapist combines many strokes to produce the results a client seeks. When we’re asked the secret to a great massage, we say, “Making the client happy.” If a therapist makes the client happy, the benefits of the massage last longer.

Hands On Approach does not advertise any massage for one price. Instead, we charge for the service and specialty the therapist performs. Swedish System, Light to Medium, Deep Tissue or a focus Massage which is our Specialty Massage, and Master Massage.

Massage Prices
Day Spa Services
Chair Massages

Our Massage School

Hands On Approach teaches the same complete massage curriculum as other schools, but we have the advantage of having been owned and operated by the same massage therapists for 25 years. They have been personally involved in the progression of the massage profession since 1995, and with massage education in Texas since 1998.

Eager to start making a living as a Licensed Massage Therapist? Our system ensures each student is prepared for a successful transition from the classroom to employment the day they obtain their license.

Hands On Approach holds one of the oldest license numbers in the state of Texas: MS0091. We have over 25 years of experience, and it shows in everything we do.

The total out of pocket cost for our program, including tuition, books and supplies, is just $4550.00. We will provide you with all the information about our program in one simple phone call.

We’ve been serving Dallas since 1998 and Corpus since 1999, and we welcome you to come experience our excellence in massage education and services. Call today to schedule your tour!


What Our Customers Say

Massage therapy may improve symptoms like pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Read what our clients have to say about the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of their customized massages.
Hands on Approach is without a doubt the best most professional massage therapy/spa in the U.S. The procedure and applications have literally changed my life from a crippled former World Champion Bull Rider to a healthy senior citizen enjoying golf, horseback riding to flying a corporate Jet. Thank you Russell and Kim Rust for a great (flexible) 22 yrs. I look forward to many more.
Don Gay

8 times World Champion Bull Rider


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