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Hands on Approach teaches the same curriculum as other schools, the difference is Hands on Approach has been owned and operated by the same massage therapists for over 20 years. They have been personally been involved in the progression of the massage profession since 1995 and massage education in Texas since 1998. Our system is about taking the required curriculum and being sure the student is prepared for a successful transition from the classroom to employment the day they obtain their license so they can begin to earn a living as a massage therapist.

Our over 21 years of experience speaks for itself. Hands on Approach holds one of the oldest license numbers for a school in the state of Texas, MS0091.

Hands On Approach will provide you with all the information about our programs including cost and length of programs in a simple phone call.

Our total out of pocket cost for the program: Tuition/Books/Supplies = $2825.00

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Pay a quarter of what career schools charge on tuition. Our 570 Hour Massage Therapy Program. ($2825 VS $11,500 or more to receive the same license)

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The total cost for Texas Massage Therapy License training with books and supplies is only $2825.00!

Why Choose Hands on Approach?

Hands on Approach has been providing massage therapy to the public since 1998. As one of the oldest and most experienced clinics in the D/FW area, Hands on Approach has provided over 300,000 massage treatments both by  students and licensed massage therapists with one philosophy,

“The customer is to receive the massage they want”.

Even though a therapist is trained to provide the massage a customer’s pressure and area of focus is as unique as is each client. Having a great massage experience starts with establishing goals for the massage session and also communicating with the client during the massage as well. Our therapist are discreet, professional, and have the technique and experience to make absolutely sure you have a pleasant massage.

About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years, yet was only introduced to the United States by two American physicians in the 1850’s. With scientific and technological advances in the medical treatments during the 1930s and 1940s, massage fell out of favor in the United States. Interest in massage revived in the 1970s, especially among athletes.

Massage therapy starts by soothing the nervous system which controls and coordinates the whole body. As the stress level is reduced the circulation and lymph systems flows better, blood flow provides the rich nutrients and oxygen the body need to repair and remove waste from all the cells of the body. The best benefit is the release of higher levels of the hormones dopamine and serotonin which make you feel better and reduce pain while reducing cortisol which causes stress levels to rise. High stress levels interfere with all the functions of the body and can lead to more serious conditions. Another benefit of the massage is muscles become less tense and with the arteries and veins winding though the muscular system the circulatory system flows even better.

What is the Goal of Massage Therapy?
Even though there seem to be different types of massage no one massage is right for all clients. A skilled therapist will use many techniques to give the results a client is seeking. When asking about what are the results of receiving a massage the best answer is making the client “Happy”. If a therapist makes the client happy the results last longer.

But be aware, there are side effect from receiving a massage. Besides feeling happier, respiration, digestion, coordination, and body-mind connection improves. Less stress and relaxed muscles could improve sleep and improved sleep could result in better decision making. Better decision making could lead to more production in your home and work life. Improved home and work life could lead to better relationships and better relationships could lead to becoming a happier person.

What Does Massage Cure?
Massage therapy does not cure diseases but the effects massage has on the body allows the body to maintain a sense of balance and promotes healing. People living with chronic conditions receiving massage manage better while living with their disease. Massage therapy helps relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic headaches, and chronic fatigue syndrome for example.
Massage also benefits the everyday back, shoulder, and neck pain associated with our daily routines and helps athletes and weekend warriors recover quicker. Massage increases range of motion,  joint flexibility and reduces muscle cramps and spasms.
We Pick from Our Best Massage Therapy Students for Our Spa.
Hands on Approach has a unique situation when it comes to hiring massage therapists. Hands on Approach is one the leading educational programs in the state of Texas. We have been training therapists since 1998 with a system that produces the highest quality therapists. Our school is at the top of the list of employers looking to hire graduates to fill the hundreds of opening in the massage profession. This uniqueness as a school and massage and spa clinic allows us to know a graduate for over 9 months before they receive their license. We get the advantage of knowing a student both personally and professional before they become a licensed massage therapist and we are able to pick the students who display the highest character we are looking for in the Licensed Massage Therapists we employ. Giving a great massage is just part of being a massage therapist. Providing a quality, professional, pleasurable, and a safe massage is more important to Hands on Approach then just hiring someone to fill a schedule. Businesses who use the membership as part of their practice feel pressure to hire and keep therapists regardless of their skills and professionalism.
What Can You Expect at HOA?
Hands on Approach does not advertise any technique for one price, we charge for the service and style the therapist performs.
In a Swedish massage you will receive a light to medium pressure, a system designed to relax, ease, and revive the body which is the most popular type of massage.
A Specialty massage is a Swedish customized  to you, you choose your pressure and body parts you would like us to focus on. In this massage we incorporate deep tissue, work out trigger points, and provide stretches based on what the client would like to receive in the massage they are requesting and paying for us to provide.
Our Master massage is provided by the founder of Hands on Approach. He uses his 25 years of training and experience to help clients recover from conditions such as frozen shoulder, TMJ, carpel tunnel and sciatica. He can also help work out other issues resulting from sport injuries, car accidents, trauma, and chronic back and neck pain.
Our clinic/spa offers luxurious treatments at affordable prices. We have body wraps, salt scrubs, feet retreats, massage facials and spa packages that include your choice of services and a massage treatment.
How Do You Offer Massages at Such Affordable Prices?
Hands on Approach keeps our prices lower than the normal Massage/Spa clinics allowing for the customer to tip the therapist based on their service rather than on an inflated price paid to the clinic. We want massage to be available for anyone who can benefit from it.
Hands on Approach

Don’t fall for the financial aid debt trap. 

We offer in-house financing or longer-term financing if you qualify.

Upon receiving your Texas massage therapy license you can earn the cost of our tuition back in as little as 2 months and be completely debt free!

Texas Massage Therapy License Training

This is one of the only professions where how much you make is up to YOU!

Massage therapists are in high demand! Our school fields 20 calls or more a month looking for our graduates.

Russell Rust LMT, MTI 1994

Kim Rust RN, LMT, MTI 1999

Owners and Founders 

AMTA Professional Members

Massage Excellence At Our Day Spa Locations

Hands On Approach offers a full range of services to fit any budget from our North Dallas and Corpus Christi locations. Each location features  private treatment rooms and a relaxing atmosphere to help promote relaxation and wellness.

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Hands on Approach is the oldest massage clinic in Dallas. We have been providing massages since 1998 with a well established clientele. We also continue to build our base, and need more therapists fill our needs.