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Professional Massages

We have massage and spa packages to suit any need or budget at our Dallas and Corpus Christi locations — no membership fees, monthly commitments, or coupons needed!

We offer affordable, professional and personalized treatments every day in a quiet and comfortable setting.

Our massages start as low as $35 for a student massage in the Swedish system. Be sure to ask about our couples massage options and our Refer-a-Friend program.

Specialty Massage

A licensed therapist will use a combination of techniques including trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, and stretching to relieve the deeper tissue areas of the body. Hot packs are included with this massage.

Swedish System(LMT)

This relaxing style of massage relieves and soothes tired and aching muscles, increases circulation, and promotes overall relaxation and stress reduction. Light to medium pressure.

Student Massage(Swedish Only)

Students perform Swedish-style massages with light to medium pressure. This is our most affordable option, and it has the dual benefit of helping train future Licensed Massage Therapists.

Pregnancy Massage

A licensed therapist massages away the stress and tension that affects the body during pregnancy. This will relieve discomfort and leave Mom relaxed and refreshed. The pressure is light to medium. Pillows are used to make the massage as comfortable as possible for the mother-to-be.

Hot Stone Massage

Using a combination of hands and hot stones to release tight muscles, your massage therapist will activate trigger points and soothe the outer layers of the body. Allow the heat of the stones to melt away any stress and tension your body has collected during your daily routine.

Master Massage

This massage is performed by Russell Rust, who has over 27 years of experience. His treatments may help with TMJ, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sciatica, and Frozen Shoulder. His specialty is with injury and sports recovery for both the athlete and non-athlete.

Massage and Day Spa Services

Hands On Approach offers a wide range of affordable day spa packages at our Dallas and Corpus Christi locations. You don’t need a membership or a commitment; just schedule a time to treat yourself to some affordable relaxation and pampering in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Some spa services are not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our day spa packages start at just $80.00

Ultimate Approach

4 1/2 hours of heavenly pampering, featuring an herbal bath, salt glow, mud wrap, facial, feet retreat, a light lunch, and a 1-hour Swedish massage. The ultimate day of relaxation and stress relief!
Price: $265

Deluxe Approach

A 2 1/2-hour session that includes a salt scrub, mud wrap, herbal bath, and 1-hour Swedish massage.
Price: $175

Pampered Approach

Enjoy 2 3/4 hours of bliss as you indulge in our the best Feet Retreat, deluxe facial, and 1 1/2-hour Swedish massage.
Price: $145

Gentleman's Approach

Gents need pampering, too! This 2 1/4-hour package includes a salt and mineral bath, mini facial, and 1 1/2-hour specialty massage.
Price: $120

Healthy Approach

Spend 2 1/4 hours in our care and revel in an invigorating salt scrub, mud wrap, and 1 1/2-hour Swedish massage.
Price: $160

De-Stress Approach

The ultimate in relaxation for those with a busy schedule, this  1 3/4-hour package includes an herbal bath, mini facial, and 1-hour Swedish massage.
Price: $85

Mini Approach

This is our most time-saving and affordable package. It lasts 1 1/2 hours and features a deluxe facial and a relaxing 1-hour Swedish massage.
Price: $80

À La Carte Spa Services

We also provide standalone day spa services of your choice.

Foot Retreat

During a foot retreat, a therapist cleanses, scrubs, exfoliates, and mud-wraps the foot and finishes with a foot massage.
Price: $45

Salt Scrubs and Mud Wraps

Choose from two types of mud that improve, detoxify, refine, soften and re-mineralize most skin types. This 75-minute treatment starts with a salt scrub, followed by a shower and the mud wrap of your choice.

Firmi Sea Mud — Firms, detoxifies and re-mineralizes skin

European Rose Mud — Refines, softens, hydrates and enhances cell renewal

Price: $110

Massage Spa Facials

Choose from a deluxe facial or mini facial.

Deluxe Facial (includes a cleanse, micro-refiner, facial mud and a massage)
Price: $30

Mini Facial (includes cleanse, micro-refiner and massage)
Price: $20

What To Expect

What Should a Client Expect from Their Massage and Massage Therapist?

  • Mutual respect, courtesy, professionalism, confidentiality and dignity between you and the massage therapist
  • Being draped appropriately by a full sheet, with only the area being massaged exposed.
  • A licensed professional massage therapist, working within their scope of practice and in an ethical manner. Expect them to follow the state and professional association’s code of ethics.
  • A health intake conversation about your medical conditions and your expectations for the massage
  • The right and option to ask questions of the massage therapist and receive professional responses
  • An explanation of the nature of the massage and techniques to be used before the start of the massage
  • The right to consent to the massage techniques and approaches, including the level of manual pressure used in the massage and the ability to request adjustments to pressure at any time during the massage
  • The right to stop a massage and report anything they feel is inappropriate during the massage

What Should a Massage Therapist Expect from Their Client?

  • Respect, courtesy and dignity
  • To be treated as a healthcare professional
  • Complete and accurate disclosure of health/medical conditions during intake process
  • Communication of expectations of and concerns about the massage
  • Timely arrival at the massage therapy appointment, payment at time of service and reasonable cancellation notice (usually 24 hours)
  • The right to stop a massage and report anything they feel is inappropriate during the massage
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited during massages and spa services