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Swedish Massage With Hands On Approach Can Help                           

Swedish massage is one of the most popular and effective methods of relaxing the body and mind while restoring balance and comfort to tired joints and muscles. Swedish massage can be an extremely beneficial and restorative experience for anyone living a busy, high-stress lifestyle, and a regular massage routine can help you stay calm and balanced throughout the week. Here are a few ways Swedish massage can help you let go of your tension and anxiety. Decrease tension and anxiety with Hands On Approach.

Promotes Relaxation

The entire Swedish massage experience, from the room’s lighting to the oils your therapist uses, was designed with relaxation in mind. It’s meant to be a more gentle, soothing experience than deep tissue massages, and some clients might even find themselves falling asleep on the table! A Swedish massage can decrease tension and anxiety in a very relaxing atmosphere. This relaxing experience gives you a chance to let go of your worries while also letting go of the tension you might physically be holding in your body.

Stimulates Blood Flow

The light but vigorous technique of Swedish massage stimulates blood flow and helps your body release metabolic toxins, meaning blood will rush to your head and heart. The increased blood flow can be very invigorating, and it can even help clients let go of the tensions they might be holding in their shoulders, jaw, and arms. Increased blood flow is an important factor to consider to decrease tension and anxiety. Because of the released toxins, your massage therapist will most likely advise you to drink lots of water after you get a Swedish massage.

Aids the Healing Process

When used the right way, Swedish massage can be beneficial in the process of healing from physical injuries. If you’ve been injured, tell your massage therapist so they can work around the injuries while still giving a massage which can help them heal. As always, you should ask your doctor before getting any kind of massage after an injury. When your body heals faster, it can decrease tension and anxiety more efficiently.

Pain Management

Chronic pain can be very physically and emotionally tiring for patients who struggle with it, and some forms of pain don’t respond well to regular medications. Chronic pain can be caused by nearly anything, from genetics to the job you work to the bed you sleep in. Massage could be a great alternative if you experience pain and want to avoid or stop using prescription painkillers. Tell your massage therapist where you experience the most pain, the kind of pain you feel, and how often it persists. With this information your massage therapist will be able to come up with a treatment plan to give you as much relief as possible. Once again, talk with your doctor before pursuing massage as a method of pain relief.

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Decrease tension and anxiety in your body with Hands On Approach. If you’re interested in Swedish massage or any other massage therapy, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Hands On Approach. With Hands On Approach, you’ll get to choose whether you want to work with a licensed massage therapist or give an apprentice the chance to practice. We also offer luxuries like facials and a comprehensive day spa for every form of relaxation you can think of. Contact us through our website today for more information!