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Hands On Approach has been a leader in massage education since 1998. Thousands of graduates in Dallas and Corpus Christi obtained the education they need to serve their clients across the country by completing our courses.

Our Licensed Massage Therapist continuing education classes in Dallas and Corpus Christi offer hands-on classes throughout a variety of modalities to expand your massage abilities and help you better meet your clients’ needs. Hands On Approach’s continuing education instructors have in-depth, firsthand knowledge and utilize engaging techniques when teaching lessons to best equip each student with the skills they need to succeed.

All participants of Hands On Approach continuing education classes get the opportunity to experience each treatment firsthand, as well as administer them to their peers. We make sure each student leaves our classes with the professional skill set required to not only serve their clients, but to succeed.

Hands On Approach is accepted by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR) and is an approved provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) continuing education.

Dallas Campus only

Upcoming CEU Courses
Classes will begin again in the fall of 2023! 


Time: 10AM-4:30PM on Sundays


$125.00 per class

$200.00 for 2 classes

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