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Massage Prices Dallas and Corpus Christi

We have a massage or spa package to suit any need or budget at our Dallas and Corpus Christi locations. No membership fees, monthly commitments, or coupons needed. We offer affordable relaxation and pampering everyday in a quiet and comfortable setting.

$65 50 min.Specialty Massage, $50 50 min.Swedish Massage and $35 50 min.Student Massage.

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Massage StylesDurationPrice DurationPrice
Specialty Massage  
A licensed therapist will use a combination of techniques including trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release and stretching to relieve the deeper tissue areas of the body.Hot packs included with this massage.
 50 minutes
*Massage Time
$65.0080 minutes$85.00
Swedish System (LMT)
A licensed therapist will use this relaxing style of massage to relieve and  soothe tired and aching muscles, increase circulation and promote overall relaxation and stress reduction. Light to medium pressure.
50 minutes
*Massage Time
$50.00   80 minutes   $70.00
Student Massage (Swedish only)
Students perform Swedish style only withlight to medium pressure.
50 minutes 
*Massage Time
   $35.00   80 minutes   $50.00
Couples Massage50 minutes$130.00   80 minutes   $170.00
Pregnancy Massage
A licensed therapist massages away stress and tension that is added to the body during pregnancy. This will relieve discomforts and leave the mom to be relaxed and refreshed. The pressure is light to medium. Pillows are used to make the massage as comfortable as possible for the mom to be.
50 minutes 
*Massage Time
Hot Stone Massage
A licensed therapist uses a combination of hands and hot stones to release tight muscles, trigger points and to soothe the outer layers of the body. Allow the heat of the stones to melt away any stress and tension your body has collected during your daily routine.
 60 minutes  $85.00   90 minutes   $125.00
Master Massage (performed by Russell Rust, with over 27 years of experience) 60 minutes$120.00   90 minutes   $170.00
Hot Packs added to any service   $5.00
Jacuzzi Bath-Dallas only20 minutes $15.00

*Massage sessions include additional time (approximately 10 minutes) for consultation and undressing and dressing for a total of 60 minutes approximate session time.

Please call to cancel an appointment a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment. Students only get credit and therapists paid for actual massages performed, and with last minute cancellations, we may not be able to rebook them for these appointments. Thanks for your consideration. 

Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your relaxation time. Your treatment will end at the scheduled time so the next guest will not be delayed. The full value of your treatment will be applied. We accept walk ins when we have appointments available. Student massages are not always available, so call before you come in. All Saturday appointments, Spa packages, massage appointments of 2 hours or more, or recurrent no/shows require a 50% deposit when booking to hold appointments. 24 hour notice is required for cancellation or the deposit is non refundable.