A Day in the Life of a Massage Therapist

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At Hands On Approach, our massage therapists work hard to give you the best massage experience possible. Whether you’re a client looking to get a professional massage to ease your tension or an aspiring massage therapist, we do the best we can to serve our community. We want our clients and students to have an amazing experience and a greater appreciation of the art of massage therapy. Here’s a look at what our massage therapists do every day to bring relief and relaxation to their clients in Dallas and Corpus Christi, TX.

Massage Therapist Responsibilities

Massage therapists are responsible for using their skills to manipulate the muscles and joints of their clients to provide relief and reduce pain. A massage therapist needs to maintain a calming atmosphere in their massage room, as well as a calm and soothing demeanor during and after the massage.

Since most clients need to take their clothes off for massages, the room needs to be private, and it needs to have a closed off bathroom or changing room. The room needs to be cleaned after every client, and every client needs to feel safe and respected by the therapist. It’s part of a massage therapist’s job to build a trusting relationship with their clients.

Work Environment

Massage therapists work in a variety of places, but they are most commonly employed in gyms, spas, clinics, and hotels. Some can be hired to give massages at the client’s home or to employees at a workplace. There are also freelance massage therapists who work out of their own homes. Some people prefer to hire these therapists because the home environment can be more relaxing than a spa or gym.

Important Skills

Massage therapists have specific skills which make them great at their jobs. Two of the most important skills are physical strength and stamina. Massage therapists have to be very strong to give good massages, and they need to have the stamina to give massages over a long period of time. They also need to have the integrity to protect the medical histories of their clients, as well as the communication and decision-making skills to choose the best course of treatment for every client’s goals.

Additionally, massage therapists need to have enough empathy to form a trusting bond with their clients. If they don’t have empathy and respect for their clients, there’s less of a chance the client will have trust for the therapist.

Get Top Quality Massages and Education at Hands On Approach

Whether you’re a client or an aspiring massage student, Hands On Approach is perfect for you. We offer massages from licensed therapists, as well as discounted massages from skilled interns. Our spa is the perfect escape from your busy life. Our massage therapists and interns value integrity, professionalism, and quality service. We only give our clients the best massage experience possible.

Hand On Approach has locations in North Dallas and Corpus Christi. Our team of interns and licensed massage therapists will work with you and take any medical conditions into consideration when forming a treatment plan for your pain and muscle tension. Give us a call or visit our website today to see why we’re the best at what we do!