In the state of Texas massage therapist are required to take a 500-hour program that includes massage, but also Anatomy, Physiology, universal sanitation precautions, Pathology, and kinesiology. As a comparison EMTs only train for 150 hours and deal with life and death situations.

Upon completion of the program, the massage therapist takes an examination and applies for the license. A criminal background check is performed but only includes Texas DPS check unlike other health care professions, who are fingerprinted and national background check is performed.

It not always the case, but the therapist who goes through private school vs career schools tends to be more interviewed before acceptance. Private school’s education is more focused on the student and the subjects that will make them a professional therapist rather than career schools adding non-essential hours just to collect additional income. Career schools are filling seats and usually are more about dollar signs then quality. Private schools provide more one on one training because they cap enrollment numbers. An average private school’s enrollment is usually 24 student per instructor, whereas a career school packs 75 or more student per class. Also, private school tends to hire their graduates for their clinics because they have trained the student from the beginning and are better aware of their charter and ethics.
In the state of Texas, a license for a massage therapist is the same no matter how many hours the student received in school, the scoop of practice is required by law.

Massage therapy–The manipulation of soft tissue by hand or through a mechanical or electrical apparatus for the purpose of body massage. The term includes effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (percussion), compression, vibration, friction, nerve strokes, and Swedish gymnastics. Massage therapy may include the use of oil, lubricant, salt glows, heat lamps, hot and cold packs, or tub, shower, jacuzzi, sauna, steam or cabinet baths. Equivalent terms for massage therapy are massage, therapeutic massage, massage technology, myo-therapy, body massage, body rub, or any derivation of those terms. Massage therapy is a health care service when the massage is for therapeutic purposes. The terms “therapy” and “therapeutic” do not include diagnosis, the treatment of illness or disease, or any service or procedure for which a license to practice medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, or podiatry is required by law. Massage therapy does not constitute the practice of chiropractic.