Class Schedules

Hands on Approach offers Day and Night Fast Track Programs that fit your schedule.

Tuition cost including books and supplies:

The 500 hr program is $4605.00.

The 570 hr progam is $5182.50.

Hands on Approach does offers our 570 hour program to a select few at 1/2 price. Please call for details.

Classe durning the day  on Mondays & Wednesdays, and Tuesdays & Thursdays. Evenings classes are Monday-Thursdays, 

Begins April 2018 - Daytime Fast track Classes, Monday & Wednesday 9am-6pm

This daytime fast track program meets on Monday and Wednesday

Start Date

April 2018-TBD

Begins October 24, 2017 - Daytime Fast track Classes, Tuesday & Thursday 9am-6pm

This daytime fast track program meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

Start Date

October 24, 2017

Begins January 15, 2018 TBD - Night Classes 6pm-10:30pm

January 15, 2018 evening fast track and slow track options in the evening.

Slow Track Options  (2 nights per week)

Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday and Thursday (Dallas Only)

Fast Track Option  (Four Nights Per week)