A membership to massage franchise has pros and cons as with any business structured to make sure the customer is paying every month. Health clubs, tanning salons, timeshares, and even the snack of the month clubs are designed for the business to know they will be receiving a guaranteed income each month. This the franchising sellers marketing pitch, and what customer can pass on what they perceived to be a way to lock in the best price for a service.
As with most business it hard to keep good help and when you’re dealing with a massage therapist, whats make for good therapists doesn’t necessarily make them good employees. They are kinda free thinkers and they don’t want to be tied down in any one place for too long. Believe it or not, massage therapy is one of the most demanded jobs markets in the US with the department of labor estimating the profession could use about 22% more therapist to fill all the openings. Keeping this in mind, the turn over rate at massage clinics is very high and if a business model is a membership they have to have therapists to fulfill their contracts and turnover rates for a membership franchise are the same as all the other massage business models.
Keep in mind all massage establishments hire therapists who were trained with the same curriculum and are licensed to practice the same scope of practice allowed by the state law. It is the individual who stands out as a great massage therapist and not all therapists share the same traits.

1. Membership to that business get you a significantly lesser price than non-members.
2. If you travel a lot you get the membership price at other locations.
3. They may offer you the chance at gift certificates at a reduced rate.
4. You receive a massage every month (you pay for it)
5. Offer Other services at a discount to members.

1. You pay every month even if you don’t get a massage.
2. No guarantee you will see the same therapist.
3. No guarantee you will get the same time for your appointment each month.
4. You still have to make the appointment ahead of time.
5. Always being asked to enhance your membership.
6. Canceling your contract can be a hassle.
7. Therapist generally gets paid less and their massage shows.
8. Inconsistency in the massage provided each time.

Remember each model is different but generally, if you shop around you will find the same price you are paying with membership without the monthly commitment.