Massage Therapist Continuing Education

Dallas and Corpus Christi

Our Massage Therapist Continuing Education Classes in Dallas and Corpus Christi offer hands on courses in a variety of modalities to expand your massage abilities and to help you meet your clients’ needs. These classes provide hands on experience with a class instructor. All participants will get the chance to experience the treatments as well as give them. Hands On Approach has been a leader in massage education for 20 years and has thousands of graduates in the Dallas and Corpus areas.

TDLR Accepted, NCBTMB Approved CE Provider

Cost: $125.00 per class or 2 classes for $200.00

Dallas Campus 2019 Classes 

Coming Soon

Classes: 6 hours 10 am-4:30 pm

For more information or details please call 972-484-8180 ext. 2

Hands on Approach Dallas CE Classes will begin after the 2019 AMTA Texas Convention in New Braunsfel, Tx. February 7th-9th.

Please use the following link to sign up for some great education and the 2019 annual meeting of the Texas AMTA Chapter.

Receive your MTI training with Hands on Approach, call 972-484-8180 ext. 2 for details. Dallas Campus Only

Corpus Campus 2019 Classes

January 19th-Neck Techniques

Students will learn very specific deep tissue techniques to release Splenius capitus, SCM, Scalenes, Trapezius and many others, plus bonus technique in how to correct subluxed cervical vertebra, one vertebra at a time from C7-C1.

10am-5pm -6 hours

February 16th-Hot Stones

Students will learn principles of Hot Stone Massage which include preparation and clean up. Come learn a modality that uses a combination of hands and hot stones to release tension with a soothing feel.

10am-5pm-6 hours

For more information or details please call 361-853-7734

All classes require professional massage attire, tennis shoes only, sheets, face cradle cover, and lotion. Please call with any questions.

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