5 Painful Conditions That Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

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If you’re dealing with bodily pain and struggling to get off habit-forming painkillers, massage therapy could be beneficial to you. When you start massage therapy, your therapist will sit down with you to discuss your pain levels, problem areas, and what you’re looking for with massage therapy. Massage therapy is a natural approach to pain relief, and a regular massage routine could replace opioid painkillers and offer numerous mental health benefits. Here are a few chronic pain conditions that could benefit from massage therapy. 

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Fibromyalgia is an extremely painful chronic health condition that causes muscle problems across the entire body. People struggling with fibromyalgia can experience pain relief, reduced fatigue, reduced stiffness, and an improved quality of life with continued massage therapy. Seeking massage therapy for fibromyalgia could also increase mobility and make painful areas less tender.


Arthritis is a condition that inflames one or more joints in the body. It can make everyday tasks more difficult and draining, and it often reduces mobility and physical strength in those who suffer with it. Massage therapy for arthritis can target inflamed areas and reduce pain over time. Arthritis patients can experience increased strength and mobility from massage therapy, and regular sessions can greatly improve the quality of life for those who struggle with it. At the same time, massage therapy can help arthritic patients feel more positive and less isolated.

Cancer Treatment Pain

Cancer treatments are extremely hard on the body. Chemo and radiation to treat cancer can cause extreme nausea, fatigue, muscle aches, anxiety, depression, and stress. Cancer patients can find relief from their treatment-related pain in regular massage therapy. They can experience reduced pain, nausea, and fatigue, while also receiving benefits to their mental health. Massage therapy can also improve morale during treatment and give the patient a break from harsh procedures. Their quality of life can be improved during cancer treatment, which could help them stay positive and hopeful. 

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common in those who stand or sit in desk chairs for prolonged periods of time for work, and it can be difficult to find relief. Massage therapists are trained to find the source of this pain and target that area, which can help dull or even eliminate pain in the lower back.

Post-Operative Pain

Recovering from surgery can be painful and exhausting, especially for those who choose not to use painkillers. Massage therapy can alleviate pain while also being gentle on the parts of the body still recovering from surgery, and it can make the recovery process easier and more pleasant.

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